Welcome to my site! I am a 21 year old Greek – living in Melbourne, Australia.

I love sharing my views on all kinds of different things.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Entertainment and I mostly enjoy the communication unit!

I decided to have my own blog since I wanted to look more into the world of journalism and invite all of you into my world and how I see things.

It all started after a heart break which changed me perspective of a lot of things and I want to share some of that, some advices for young girls/boys and hopefully my views and experiences might help some of you.

I also love theatre which I also am involved in as a hobby.

I am taking my first steps into plus size modelling so I will posting a lot about things I am involved with either as hobbies or professionally wise.

I have dreamed of a world where people will respect each other’s views regardless whether they agree or not!

So many things I look forward to post and share with you!