One of these nights!

You know we’ve all been heart broken, we’ve all had our crushes.

We also all had that one person that changed us.. and usually that person hasn’t put us through easy situations; but hey years will go past and you’ll reflect upon it as a great experience – you’ll learn from it.

When I went home to my mum one day crying, saying to her “mum, I just wish I could erase him from my memories, it’d just be so much easier”, she said “don’t ever say that again. Always keep in mind, the older you get the harder it is to build relationships but never ever wish to erase a hurtful memory – look after the wound and when it stops bleeding use it as your guidance”

By that of course she didn’t mean go to the other extend where you shut everyone out and build walls up high but be mindful of what you did wrong, or maybe didn’t which allowed someone to get through to your heart and head.

Speaking from a very personal and current experience when you feel that’s something is off in a situation, it probably is!!

Especially young girls; we’re just so easy to break when we fall in love.

I don’t know if it’s just me and please tell me if it is (laughs) so I can work around it, but when we love we love hard, give changes until we have nothing more to give and then we wonder where did we go wrong and it didn’t work?

Maybe we shouldn’t give that much, always keep something for ourselves.

I don’t know how to put this down so I don’t offend anyone, but it’s crazy how we underestimate ourselves when things don’t go to plan.

Especially in situations like the one I’m in. I can go in detail but you’d probably need a couple of days to read it all.

Some nights are hard… harder than others!

And tonight is one of these ‘harder than others’

Tonight me blogging isn’t necessary to point something out but to share – feelings, thoughts and worries!

To all heartbroken friends out there, it gets better, and when it does make sure to treat yourself.