Unbreakable bond!

So, I don’t know if it just happens to me, but as the older sibling out of two I feel like the love that’s created between siblings it’s insanely magical.

I remember asking for a sibling since I was 2 years old.

I remember telling everyone how I couldn’t wait for my life to change once my parents have another baby and how much I would look after it.

I remember how empty I’d feel at school when they’d all talk about their siblings or write essays about them and I just had to pick a favourite cousin to write about; which don’t take me wrong I absolutely love my cousin(s).

After many many years of fertility issues for my parents, here comes 11 years later I got told my mum was expecting.

After a 7 month long exhausting, complicated and doubtful but hopeful pregnancy I got to hold; after waiting for 11,5 years, my little sister.

My world changed, I just wanted to be a better person. I just wanted to hold her for hours, for days.

When she finally got home I would kiss her for goodnight twice, the first time before my parents and once after them.

I was getting lost in her beautiful green eyes while making plans for what we would do when we’d get older.

Years when by and year after year she’d try to become more like me.

She’d know when I was well and she’d come snuggle with me in bed.

I remember when she’d be sick I’d go get her out of her bed and take it to mine just so I could watch her overnight.

She’s now 10 and she still comes snuggles with me when she’s sick.

Like tonight. She’s asleep – trying to sleep, next to me as I’m typing this.

I am naming this article ‘unbreakable bond’ because it’s not only strong but also magical.

The other day I was having a bad day and got back home from work pretty late. Her best friend had a sleepover that night so they were already in bed at that time.

I got in bed and started crying, thinking whatever was in my mind and as I turn around I saw a few little drawings she had made for me earlier and just laid them on the bed for me to find.

I’m at work, doing my normal double shift weekends and she’ll come s few times throughout the day to make sure I’m ok, she’s only 10!!!

I know recall and see how empty I was without her in my life.

Just remember people, no matter how mad you might be at your siblings, when you’re about to get out of control just remember the first time you held them if you’re older or the first time you were mad or upset or sad and got held by your siblings.

Same flash of blood❤️