Relationships ain’t an easy matter!

My girls and boys,

So a little something occurred and I would like an opinion.

Let’s say there is a guy you see, never directly spoken with before but have seen him around a lot; whom you eye-contact and flirt with!

Then you stop seeing around for a while and you meet someone, you have a little something with him; but nothing TOO SERIOUS!!

One day at a gathering that you’re all attending, he brings his best friend around, and guess who that is!

That is exactly right! Mr eye-flirting!

What a awkward moment to meet again!

Oh Gosh people ask you “oh you guys, should we introduce you? Do know each other” – and we just nod yes, even though we never properly introduced ourselves.

Few more months go by and the story repeats itself, you start seeing him around a lot again, but you have nothing to do with the the other guy anymore whom I repeat had nothing serious with, is it too bad for you to want Mr eye-flirting; who you do want something serious with?

Is it weird they’re friends?

Am I bad for considering this? 😂

Trust me it’s not as bad as it might sound! I mean, you did technically ‘met’ Mr eye-flirting first!