Riverdale: SS🐍 #Jones #Serpents

South SideSo, I guess it is quite unnecessary to mention who’s side I’m on!

However, I do have some subjective views to share!

First, Archie has started to get to my nerves! He is selfish and too naive; he’s only a teenager and he thinks he can save the entire town on his own. He’s brave, no doubt, but he puts aside anything in order to get what he wants – or more practically, what Hiram wants.

How can you put aside YOUR BEST FRIEND and bring down his fight because your girlfriend’s daddy tells you so?

His behaviour has shown a numerous times that he is quite immature and Jughead’s friendship doesn’t mean that much to him; or maybe not as much as V means to him.

He puts his anger first and his urge to find the Black hood and he doesn’t realise how much he damages people around him that really do care about him!

I wonder if anyone else thinks that Archie has let down Jughead down a lot!

Peace ❤️