It’s the small things that count ❤️❤️

So today, just my normal Tuesday; not that normal really as my uni class got cancelled, so I had the chance to go get some shopping done and wonder around.

Just as I’m brining the groceries in through the back door; all annoyed because the bags were heavy, I sighted this beautiful flower.

A flower I never ever saw before – just like any other plants at my back yard.

I never paid any attention, I never was a big fan of gardens!

I had to stop and go back and look at it twice, even took a photo of it!

I was amazing of how many little but so beautiful things we miss out on from our everyday life just because we’re being drawn in our problems!

All I wanted is at in tonight’s blog is LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!! Let’s all light up a little and start seeing a little clearer!!