Sense8 – Wolfgang – Max Riemelt

So I guess you all used the series finale for #Sense8?!

It is quite obvious who my favourite character is!! ☝🏽🔝

I don’t exactly what it is, as an actor he exceptional but he is also a gorgeous man!!

The way he puts that little side smile on his face and than golden heart underneath the beast’s skin!

Wolfgang (the character) a man who was raised within abuse, experiencing it, feeling it, seeing it etc. and so used to being exposed in violence in killing to survive in combination of the feeling he grows for Kala and demonstrates about Felix; the most two important people in his life shows that deep down he is still that little boy who just loves his mum!

The character was interesting as it was however no one could have executed it better than MX Riemelt!! ❤️❤️