Quiet Place – Personal Review

A Quiet Place:

Very strong performances that were let down by poor storyline and lack of imagination.


I must say that I was personally very excited to see this movie as I am a lover of sign language and my heart comes to peace when I watch movies – or any other form of art including diverse people.

Millicent Simmonds executed her role amazingly as well as the rest of the cast. The roles were impressive and the messages involved highly respected.

The reason however, I was deeply disappointed with the result is because, I personally, felt like the movie seemed very rushed. In my opinion, it was easily to predict, apart from the end which shocked me as I wasn’t ready for it; there was a lot more that could have been added to the story to elaborate and fulfil the audience’s desire for the family to be rescued.

Unless there is a second one on the way, I find it hard to explain such ending.

There was no plotting expect the part where the father sacrifices his life to save his children who were trapped in the truck while the monsters was about to kill them.

The message in this scene was also incredible as it indicated a parents’ love and importance for his/her children.

I must say however, if that was the first episode of a show, I’d say that it looked promising, but as a movie alone; I wasn’t impressed!!