Relationships ain’t an easy matter!

My girls and boys,

So a little something occurred and I would like an opinion.

Let’s say there is a guy you see, never directly spoken with before but have seen him around a lot; whom you eye-contact and flirt with!

Then you stop seeing around for a while and you meet someone, you have a little something with him; but nothing TOO SERIOUS!!

One day at a gathering that you’re all attending, he brings his best friend around, and guess who that is!

That is exactly right! Mr eye-flirting!

What a awkward moment to meet again!

Oh Gosh people ask you “oh you guys, should we introduce you? Do know each other” – and we just nod yes, even though we never properly introduced ourselves.

Few more months go by and the story repeats itself, you start seeing him around a lot again, but you have nothing to do with the the other guy anymore whom I repeat had nothing serious with, is it too bad for you to want Mr eye-flirting; who you do want something serious with?

Is it weird they’re friends?

Am I bad for considering this? 😂

Trust me it’s not as bad as it might sound! I mean, you did technically ‘met’ Mr eye-flirting first!


Unbreakable bond!

So, I don’t know if it just happens to me, but as the older sibling out of two I feel like the love that’s created between siblings it’s insanely magical.

I remember asking for a sibling since I was 2 years old.

I remember telling everyone how I couldn’t wait for my life to change once my parents have another baby and how much I would look after it.

I remember how empty I’d feel at school when they’d all talk about their siblings or write essays about them and I just had to pick a favourite cousin to write about; which don’t take me wrong I absolutely love my cousin(s).

After many many years of fertility issues for my parents, here comes 11 years later I got told my mum was expecting.

After a 7 month long exhausting, complicated and doubtful but hopeful pregnancy I got to hold; after waiting for 11,5 years, my little sister.

My world changed, I just wanted to be a better person. I just wanted to hold her for hours, for days.

When she finally got home I would kiss her for goodnight twice, the first time before my parents and once after them.

I was getting lost in her beautiful green eyes while making plans for what we would do when we’d get older.

Years when by and year after year she’d try to become more like me.

She’d know when I was well and she’d come snuggle with me in bed.

I remember when she’d be sick I’d go get her out of her bed and take it to mine just so I could watch her overnight.

She’s now 10 and she still comes snuggles with me when she’s sick.

Like tonight. She’s asleep – trying to sleep, next to me as I’m typing this.

I am naming this article ‘unbreakable bond’ because it’s not only strong but also magical.

The other day I was having a bad day and got back home from work pretty late. Her best friend had a sleepover that night so they were already in bed at that time.

I got in bed and started crying, thinking whatever was in my mind and as I turn around I saw a few little drawings she had made for me earlier and just laid them on the bed for me to find.

I’m at work, doing my normal double shift weekends and she’ll come s few times throughout the day to make sure I’m ok, she’s only 10!!!

I know recall and see how empty I was without her in my life.

Just remember people, no matter how mad you might be at your siblings, when you’re about to get out of control just remember the first time you held them if you’re older or the first time you were mad or upset or sad and got held by your siblings.

Same flash of blood❤️



1. The butt gap!

In the changing rooms, just when you’re about to embrace the satisfaction of fitting in these beautiful jeans you saw out of a shop’s window and you’re feeling yourself. Then,suddenly, you turn on the side to check your angle views and you see it!!! You see the gap! WHY??!! 

Do you like it? Are you feeling yourself in it? Then buy it anyway!!

What to do?

You can either be a kangaroo and fill in the gap by carrying your puppy all around  (don’t do that I’m just joking!) or you can be creative if you feel like this is not a good idea!

The most common ways to deal with a situation like this to simply wear a belt, or use something else as a belt! Trust me, it’ll look better than you think and you’ll rock it.

2. Thigh rubbing

I guess summer and skirts aren’t much of an option for us, some of us at least, definitely not for myself. I guess wearing shorts or skirts without stockings in summer is a torture. Thigh rubbing and the rushes it leaves behind are just not cool!

Have you ever experienced wearing a skirt, walking down the street praying to God to get to where you need to go so you can sit down? That need you feel when you just wanna fold the skirt between your thighs so they stop rubbing with each other while you walk?

I know, I feel you girls don’t worry!

PS. Winter is just as bad, let’s not mention all the pair of jeans we had to throw away because they rubbed away 😂

What to do?

I really don’t know! So please if you have any previous experienced and you actually love yours skirts and shorts feel free to share some tips! 😩❤️

3. No category!

I am personally size 10-12 AUS – small-medium size.

So what size are we really?

Once I got told that I couldn’t apply for a campaign for a photo shoot as I am too thick to be a fitness model and too skinny to be a plus size model! Wait, what? I am a category of my own? I mean that’s okay, I can live with knowing I’m unique but really?

I find that us curvy women usually go by two sizes,

“What size are you?”

“Um, 10-12, or 14-16”

people don’t get it and that’s fine!

What to do?

Look for alternatives. There is always another way.

I really don’t care what they say/think. Don’t let anyone label you! Go by three sizes if you want!

Don’t allow comments, whether some of them seem ‘humourish’ or serious make you feel bad. If you like how you look, embrace it!

4. Simple and standing!

Some of the benefits of being curvy is that we can look stunning in the simplest outfits!

We can rock a very simple outfit only because our curves can make it shine!

And last but not least,

5. Swim wear assumptions.

You go to the store, you’re looking throw the swimwear aisle, the lady approaches

“Hello there, do you need a hand with anything?”

And then you reply,

“I am looking for swimwear size 10-12”

And the shocking response which I got three times, not just once!!!!!

“Oh yeah? Fantastic just follow me, one-piece swimwear is his way”

Um… wait what? I’m looking for a bikini thanks for asking!!

Please tell me if you guys had any similar experiences!

I find the bikini one the most annoying out of anything that can come in my mind!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading!!


One of these nights!

You know we’ve all been heart broken, we’ve all had our crushes.

We also all had that one person that changed us.. and usually that person hasn’t put us through easy situations; but hey years will go past and you’ll reflect upon it as a great experience – you’ll learn from it.

When I went home to my mum one day crying, saying to her “mum, I just wish I could erase him from my memories, it’d just be so much easier”, she said “don’t ever say that again. Always keep in mind, the older you get the harder it is to build relationships but never ever wish to erase a hurtful memory – look after the wound and when it stops bleeding use it as your guidance”

By that of course she didn’t mean go to the other extend where you shut everyone out and build walls up high but be mindful of what you did wrong, or maybe didn’t which allowed someone to get through to your heart and head.

Speaking from a very personal and current experience when you feel that’s something is off in a situation, it probably is!!

Especially young girls; we’re just so easy to break when we fall in love.

I don’t know if it’s just me and please tell me if it is (laughs) so I can work around it, but when we love we love hard, give changes until we have nothing more to give and then we wonder where did we go wrong and it didn’t work?

Maybe we shouldn’t give that much, always keep something for ourselves.

I don’t know how to put this down so I don’t offend anyone, but it’s crazy how we underestimate ourselves when things don’t go to plan.

Especially in situations like the one I’m in. I can go in detail but you’d probably need a couple of days to read it all.

Some nights are hard… harder than others!

And tonight is one of these ‘harder than others’

Tonight me blogging isn’t necessary to point something out but to share – feelings, thoughts and worries!

To all heartbroken friends out there, it gets better, and when it does make sure to treat yourself.


Anything you want – you can do. Follow your heart and work hard!❤️

Well, that’s a start!

“Love… and again, I don’t know, I mean… I think love is a condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows us to forgive – the energy which keeps the starts in the firmament, I’m not too sure, it might be the energy which keeps the blood running smoothly through our veins, I’m not too sure but it’s something beyond the explanation, it can be used for anything you can explain – any good thing you can explain”.

– Dr. Maya Angelou